Venture Tents manufactures, repairs and maintains quality luxury

Keen camper with A God send business used leftover capital to establish Venture Tents within a couple of days to produce quality products of nature


With nine employees, six permanent and three temporary , Venture Tents located in Ontdekkers Road in Krugersdorp, Roodeport has outlived economic constraints to produce, modify and maintain quality products like  replacement tents for caravans, stitching and introducing pool covers, gazebos, tents for caravans and campers working side by side with those who camp per minute. Operating in a semi industrial area seeks more opportunity and demand for Venture Tents. In the light of Chinese imports as competitors, the business aims to search the market for quality products at cheaper rates due to economic constraints in the country to please customers and maintain equilibrium with their competitors.  Good feedback from customers, the constant demand for camping and quality products with longevity, Aamir Carlinsky’s optimism for the future of Venture Tents plans to continue to entice the market with good quality products and further expand his business to equip his own assets. With the establishment operating within two days , the future of Venture Tents is yet to see the opportunities that lie ahead. A God sent business, with a eager camper and production , modification and maintenance of good quality products, Venture Tents is in order to continue to overcome economic constraints and succeed to customers’ satisfaction.

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