Helen Zille comments “racist” for the public




Straight from the controversy of Helen Zille tweets regarding colonialism , DA leader Mmusi Maimane took it upon himself to address the matter , justifying colonialism as a ” system of oppression and subjugation”. Many people regard Helen Zille’s comment as racist, following her comments she has ” unreservedly” apologized . The question in mind is Helen Zille’s comments towards colonialism ” racist” or it is because the words were uttered by a white woman in a party known to be racist the problem . EFF leader, Julius Malema has had many remarks regarding the white community , yet no response has thought of  his words as racist. Is it  that the comments made  touched the public or is it that relevance of  color that is being portrayed .

Racism since 1994 has been a topic of discussion where it is debatable to an extent of what can be considered racist and not . Recalling her statement , Helen Zille mentioned that colonialism shouldn’t just be considered negative. Capitalizing on the word ONLY, meaning certain parts of it was beneficial to the country. Why the uproar, clearly reading her comments you can conclude that a portion  of what she can be agreeable. Is it because she mentioned words offensive to the public or again because she is a white woman from a white party happened to mention those words.


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