Entertainment through buying power

The prestigious Metro FM Awards 2017 hosted a previous debacle from the same show but the previous year with record label Ambitouz Entertainment, accused of buying awards, just this time Mabala Noise took the spotlight

Owner of Mabala Noise Reggie Nkambule Nkabinde, who also happens to be the Treasurer General of the ANC Youth League has stirred controversy with the opposing party EFF Leader Julius Malema accusing the label of money laundering. A record label owned by the ANC brings into question about what knowledge do they have about entertainment when they are in politics.

South African Broadcasting Corporation which is a state- owned company, is known to be in charge of broadcasting the Metro FM Awards along with other shows on the network. 2016 saw the ranking of Ambitiouz Entertainment collecting majority of the awards at the Metro’s which began speculations of the label purchasing awards, fast forward and its 2017 where Mabala Noise is facing the heat with the same debacle. The recent #ZumaMustFall march outside the Union Buildings sparked the question if Mabala Noise scandal is another reason the public rallied against our fellow president on his 75th birthday. Either the fact that Mabala Noise is owned by a member of the ANCYL, Mabala signing artists to million rand contracts , artists like Duboiz with no influential background making music with international artists and winning awards or maybe former label mate Riky Rick’s speech at the award show exposing Mabala Noise, steering the internet as the platform to be heard.

Riky Rick at Metro FM Awards 2017

The purchasing of awards has sparked many people’s attention to what effect the controversy has on the industry and the impact it has on those hardworking deserving artists. The matter that politics is now  part of entertainment shocks many of the public about what the industry is made of.

3rd year,Boston Marketing student, Thabo Johnson feels that industry has become  thug ridden .

Moreover, brother-in-law of  the famous DJ Tira,Griffin Khathi recognises a pro of an artist’s financial value increasing


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